What We Do

We do one thing. We build new, high-quality, cost effective homes.

We started this venture because there is a certain buyer that is being left behind. Maybe you don’t want to live near the busy end of town. Maybe you work an hour away from the nearest mall. Maybe you don’t want 3000 square feet with hardwood floors, app-controlled shower heads, and an Italian marble butler’s pantry. Its okay, we get it. Don’t pay for something that you don’t need! We want our houses to be utilitarian. Meaning, use the house and its features. Live in the home and feel confident. We do one thing. We build new, high-quality, cost effective homes.


First, understand the business. What is “necessary”? You need the core features of a quality home build. Good soil, water, solid foundations, dry substructures, climate efficient and durable interior/exterior products. Second, Understand the buyer. What do they “want”? Buyers want options. Almost all of the product lines that fulfill the “necessities” have multiple color/style packages to choose from. This allows the buyer to personalize their home to fit their lifestyle. Third, BE CLEAR. We require everyone on the team to operate under strict procedural guidelines to insure industry standards are met. This provides cost control, confident forecasting, and a reduced fluctuation in market price that benefits the buyer.


Currently we are focused on procurement of properties on the outer edges of western Henrico, Goochland, South-western Hanover, Powhatan, Southern Louisa, and Eastern Fluvanna counties. The land acquisition team is locating properties that meet budgetary, boundary, soil quality and other requirements set forth by the investment team. We will build on your lot. However, due to the agreements set forth in the by-laws of the company, we will only build our plans, within the confines of our process. Meaning, custom home building is not something we are interested in at this time.